Having Farmed for Major Tudor Lay for several years, Herbet Charles Fairs purchased Warrens Farm and The Moor Farm (totalling 211 acres) whilst his son Harold Fairs was serving in WW1. On returning, Harold Fairs started to farm the area alongside his father.


Harold Fairs gifted his two sons (Peter and Alan) 50/50. Peter purchased Alan's share to form H J Fairs and son, and farmed the land as a partnership with his father


Fairking Ltd was founded following a successful business relationship between Francis Nicholls of John K King & Sons and Peter Fairs of H J Fairs & Son


Francis Nicholls discovered Quinoa whilst exploring Peru and brought some seed back to Britian. Trials began at Fairking Ltd to establish a variety suitable for the British climate.


Peter Fairs son, Andrew Fairs, joined him on the farm to bring new expertise, which has helped to develop even better growing techniques for the unique range of crops now grown and processed by the company.