New Product Development

With the demand for British grown food only set to increase, here at Fairking Great British Seeds, we thrive from the challenge of expanding the variety of British grown crops and are always looking to work with businesses and open up the UK market to exciting alternative crops. Each year, we are trialling new varieties and crop alternatives on our trial plots, examining the potential to be grown for a commercial value. We try a whole range of crops each year, some are successful, some are not. Some may grow in this country, others not so well. However, we are always willing to try - success doesn't come without the failure's but we are willing to try our very best.  The video below shows the our crop trials at work.

In the Pipeline:

We currently have over 40 new crops and varieties in development, in addition to some early stage new product experimentation. Our pilot Plots give us the first indication of a crops suitability for the British Climate and its potential for scaling up to commercial field production. 

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