The re-introduction of Naked Barley

What is Naked Barley?

Naked Barley is an ancient crop, hailed as a superfood but with little recognition. A rare form of crop, the indigestible outer case of the grain is easily separated at harvest.  It's popularity as a grain in Europe began to decline during the ironage, being replaced in the human diet by wheat. Consequently, Barley was relegated to animal feed, and the naked varieties since rejected. 


Uses of Naked Barley?

True to it's name, Naked Barley has no husk, and therefore does not need to undergo any processing unlike modern crop varieties. This property has made it more accessible, and increasingly recognised in food production (including cakes, biscuits and breakfast cereals). 

It is a great substitute for oats in porridge, muesli, bread, crumbles and much more.


No Polishing or pearling process has to be undergone unlike on modern barley varieties - which removes some of the grains goodness

Low GI; 3 x beta glucans of oats --> Cholesterol busting superfood