Meet The Team

Peter Fairs

Founder of Fairking Ltd 

Peter founded Fairking Ltd and has a passion for experimenting with and developing unusual, niche crops'. He has been farming the land near Great Tey all his life, following the footsteps of his Father and Grandfather.

Andrew Fairs

4th Generation Farmer

Andrew joined his Father Peter in 1994 to bring new farming expertise to the farm, developing even better growing techniques for the unique range of crops now grown and processed 

Fairking Great British Seeds is the shop window of our farm based at Great Tey in Essex - a family run Partnership that has been producing both traditional and specialist crops for over 120 years

Fairking Ltd

Chris Barron

Assistant Farm Manager


Joining the team, Neil plays an important part in working with the Fairs to create new superfoods and super oils without the need to resort to genetic modification. 

Neil Boughton

Francis Nicholls

Founder of John K King & Sons


Matthew Nicholls