Who are Hodmedod's?

Founded in 2012, Hodmedod's works with British Farms to source a range of top quality ingredients and delicious foods. 

The first product to launch were packs of dried Fava Beans. Since then, they have constantly been searching out and developing production of other less well-known foods, including our Quinoa. They're committed to providing quality food from British farms that's more sustainably produced with an ethically local provenance.

Our Partnership:

We first partnered with Hodmedod's in 2013, with the idea that we would be able to help each other mutually, in the development of our quinoa products and crop processing. Our first crop was harvested from 15 acres in September 2015, yielding 4.5 tonnes, and was first available for sales online, and health shops in 2016, before increasing in commercial availability. With Hodmedod's commercial experience and already successful business partnerships, we are looking at developing our relationship over the next season. We have lots of new and exciting ideas so just watch this space!  

Our Quinoa is available to purchase in both retail and catering sizes through the links below: