What is Gold of Pleasure?

Gold of Pleasure (Camelina) is an annual herb with branched, smooth stems that become woody at maturity and grow approximately 75cm in height. 

Each Stem bears many small yellow flowers. The seeds, borne in pear-shaped capsules 1mm in length range from orange to brown in colour and result from self-pollination, although they can be cross pollinated from visiting insects.

Uses of Gold of Pleasure?

Gold of Pleasure seed has a high oil content. The oil contains a range of essential fatty acids, which are known to reduce the cholesterol level in blood as well as being good for heart and cardiovascular health. Because of its beneficial health effects it may become an important food oil for the future.

With seed oil content (36-47%) twice that of soybean (18–22%) and a fatty acid profile (with >90% unsaturated fatty acids) suitable for making jet fuel, biodiesel and high-value industrial lubricants.